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Fees and Insurance

As of March 1, 2020 our fees are as follows:

First office visit (2 hours)                                        $395*

    *This amount includes the time your doctor spends outside of the visit studying the information before prescribing

Return office visit ( 40 minutes)                              $165

Phone consultation (acute/emergency)                   $50

Single dose of homeopathic medicine                     $12

Multiple dose vial of homeopathic medicine            $28

Missed appointment/late cancellation                      $50

Please give 48 hours' notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment in order to avoid being charged a fee.

Payment (cash or check) is expected at the time of the visit. We do not accept credit cards and do not bill insurance.

Since 1996, private health insurance plans in Washington are required to cover care provided by all licensed health practitioners, including naturopathic doctors. The amount of coverage varies by insurance plan. We cannot guarantee reimbursement or percent of reimbursement. At the time of your visit, we will provide you with a receipt showing all required diagnostic and procedure codes. You can submit this receipt to your insurance company, along with any claim forms provided by them, to request reimbursement.

If any lab tests are needed, they will be ordered through a licensed lab which will bill your insurance company directly.